Route One Studio

Linux & FreeBSD Server & AMP Stack Administrator, MySQL Database Developer & Webmaster with over 20 years of real world experience in the storage, organization, presentation & delivery of online data.

Route One Studio

Offering full-service cloud based solutions & IT services including but not limited to custom programming, database development, hosting, IaaS, SaaS and more. Whether it is a single static page informational website or a full-on IaaS & SaaS combined cloud solution. I will build it with strict adhereance to coding best practices and emphasis on security and performance.

Past Projects

  • Cooperated with UI designers and developed front-end web pages and maintained mobile-responsiveness.
  • Designed and created databases and their front-end interfaces for internal and external uses, and replace previous outdated database architectures.
  • Created an ASP database and front-end interface for Air Navigation IRF/VFR Chart organization & distribution. Used a combination of VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and SQL Server to build the application.
  • Developed a web based application to manage and share ongoing Dr Co-Op appointments with Dr's & clients in realtime online using Perl, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, BASH along with web audio & video.
  • Designed, built and maintained over 250+ company & client websites using HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL.
  • Managed, maintained & redesigned 15 Kansas City community websites and business directories. Improved cross browser compatibility by replacing hardcoded style tags with CSS3 classes. Customized dynamic menu controls and incorporated CSS3 presentation to various site controls & navigation schema.
  • Web and Technical Application Development, Database Administration and Development, Web Server Administration and Server Administration for corporate, medium & small business clients, home business & non-profits.
  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence Techniques) for information security & cybersecurity investigations, data collection, organization, analisys & presentation.

Knowledge Base

  • Operating Systems: Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, MacOS, Red Hat, Fedora.
  • Tools: APT, Yum, RPM, LVM, init, systemd, man, tar, gzip, awk, sed, grep, less, more, page, fstab, lspci, iptop, ifconfig, top, ps, syslog, dmesg, uname, lscpu, logrotate, journalctl, chsh, chfn, chpass, chmod, chown, Custom Kernel.
  • Web Services: LAMP Stack, FAMP Stack, HTTPS, SSL, Encryption, Authentication, Apache, NGINX, IIS, TCP/IP, DHCP, LAN, DNS, SSH, SFTP, apachetop, route, iproute, netstat, SshGuard, Fail2Ban, iptables, IPFW, Ufw, Mod_Security, Mod_evasive, SELinux, Nmap, Metasploit, Snort, IPsec, VPN, LetsEncrypt, Domain Name Management.
  • Languages: BASH, HTML5, PHP, XML, Python, Javascript, Applescript, ASP, MySQL, Shell Scripting, Automation, GitHub.
  • Cloud Computing: DigitalOcean, Virtualbox, OpenStack, AWS, KVM, Docker, VMWare, Google Cloud.